About Me – Lou Longworth

Lou Longworth dancingHi – I’m Lou Longworth.

I draw one of a kind custom cartoon portraits as well other cheerful illustrations which I use to create fun greeting cards and prints.

Do you ever feel as though all the cards on the high street seem to be variations on the same themes? I think that if you’re going to the trouble of giving a card or gift then it should be as special as the occasion it’s for! I started experimenting with creating custom cartoon portraits for Valentine’s Day a few years ago, and their popularity made it clear I wasn’t the only one looking for something different and more personal!

I now create personalised stick figure portraits for a wide range of occasions and love the connection with my customers to produce each portrait. My customers often have great stories behind their commissions and it’s great to hear these too. It’s also really important to me that everyone who buys from me is completely happy with their purchase, both in terms of the product quality itself and in terms of customer service.

My drawings always start with a pencil and paper, whatever I’m going to do with it afterwards. This is my favourite part of the process, just sketching ideas and seeing what emerges. After that I’ll scan it in order to make it digital, and add some colour and other enhancements.

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