About me

Hi – I’m Lou Longworth and I’m the illustrator behind the greeting cards!

Are you bored with seeing the same cards everywhere on the high street? If you’re going to go to the trouble of sending a card, then I always think it should be as special as the person it’s for!

I draw all the illustrations on my greeting cards myself and always try to put my own unique spin on an idea. I love that feeling when you find a card that is just perfect for someone, so my aim is to create cards that put a big smile on both yours and the recipients’ faces! Whether it reflects an in joke, a shared interest or just the same silly sense of humour as the person you’re giving it to, I hope you’ll find just the card you’re looking for.

Illustration of Lou Longworth smiling
Me doing my happy dance when I hear from my customers!

It’s also really important to me that everyone who buys from me is completely happy with their purchase, both in terms of the product quality itself and in terms of customer service. My cards are all printed on good quality 350gsm card stock supplied with a kraft envelope, and I always try to post orders off as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch – I’m very friendly and love getting to know my customers 🙂

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