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Barbecue Themed Illustrations

I was born in South Africa, and so barbecuing was always a big part of our family life (we called it a “braai” over there). My Dad has also moved to the UK but even the weather over here has never dampened his enthusiasm for a good barbecue – he’s been known to braai in the snow!
I made him a braai themed Father’s Day card and it was so well received I decided to create a ‘Happy Birthday Dad‘ card for my Etsy shop along the same lines.

barbecue themed illustrations in sketchbook
The original BBQ illustrations in my sketchbook

Here’s my sketchbook showing the original barbecue themed illustrations I did for the birthday card:
I then hand lettered the wording, after which I arranged everything digitally to create the birthday card.
Here’s the final product in black and white and in colour – I added the colour digitally:
Black and white barbecue themed illustrations on birthday card
Black and white barbecue themed birthday card

Colour barbecue themed illustrations on birthday card
Colour barbecue themed birthday card

(If your dad is also a big BBQ fan you can buy the card from my Etsy shop.)
Doing drawings of everyday things as a collection is a lot of fun, so you’ll probably see plenty more themed illustration collections on my blog if you stick around. Let me know if there’s a particular theme you’d like to see on here.
BBQ illustrations