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More Scottish Themed Drawings

After my recent post about my fantastic hiking holiday in Scotland I went out for a walk along the canal near where I live and came across a cluster of thistles along the bank… so guess what I decided to draw next when I got back! Yep, more Scottish themed drawings coming up…

the inspiration for my scottish themed drawings of thistles
The thistles I saw on my walk

I first did a pencil sketch then did the same drawing again with coloured pencils.
Pencil drawing of thistle - Scottish themed drawingsThistle drawing with coloured pencils - Scottish themed drawings
I really enjoyed working with the colours so then did a colour version of the Highland coo I’d drawn previously which I quite like too. I’ve now made this the feature picture on my previous post.
I’m thinking this might lead to a Scottish themed collection of greeting cards and gifts… [update: check out my Etsy shop to see what I came up with]