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5 Easy Ways to Decorate an Envelope

5 easy ways to decorate an envelope

When you’re giving a gift in an envelope, whether it’s a gift voucher or perhaps money tucked into the greeting card, it can look a little underwhelming when you hand it over. So here are 5 easy ways to decorate an envelope and make it look more fabulous…

Drawing on the envelope

Even if drawing isn’t your forte, some very simple illustrations doodled onto the front of the envelope can make it much more personal and interesting. For dark or kraft envelopes you can use white, silver or gold markers so they stand out.

Here’s a very simple example which you could easily copy even if you think you have minimal drawing talent 😃

Decorating with stickers or washi tape

If you really don’t want to risk drawing on the envelope yourself, you can always use stickers to spruce it up a bit. Sheets of stickers aren’t expensive and just using one or two on an envelope can make a real difference. For coloured envelopes choosing stickers with clear backgrounds can look really effective.

Washi tape is also fabulous for decorating, and pretty much foolproof. Washi tape is a paper based tape that comes in a myriad of different colours and patterns. Even just sticking a strip along the bottom of the envelope adds interest. Or stick one strip horizontally and one vertically and it looks a bit like a wrapped present! If you really want to get a little bit fancier you can use diagonal lines or created frames or borders.

If you don’t have any washi tape and don’t have time to buy any, you could always glue on some ribbon instead.

Decorating with paper crafts

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you could indulge in a bit of paper crafting or origami to decorate your envelope with. For example here’s a quick video that shows you how to make easy origami butterflies.

Easy origami butterflies

Making paper flowers would also be a lovely addition! Here’s an example of a very simple tissue paper flower I made…

decorate an envelope with paper flower

Decorate an envelope with string and a tag

A really simple idea is to use pretty coloured string (like baker’s twine) to wrap around the envelope. You can then add a tag as well, just like you would on a normal gift, instead of writing on the envelope.

Here’s an example…

Decorate an envelope with dried flowers

Decorating with dried flowers gives your envelope a bit of olde world charm. For this example I just pressed a wildflower I picked on a walk a few days ago and look how cute it looks. I added a little string bow too, because why not? 😁

decorate an envelope with dried flowers

So there you have it – at least 5 different ways to decorate an envelope, and they’re all pretty easy! If you try any of these ideas I’d love you to share them with me 😍