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A more personal post

Sending hedgehugs

It’s unbelievable how much has changed in the last while. I wrote the last blog post on 11th March announcing that I’m planning to open a new online greeting card shop just over two weeks ago, at which point I was still commuting into London for my part time day job. From the 13th I started working from home for that job as well as my own business and since then we have seen the country gradually locking down more and more. It feels like a lifetime has passed and I’m sure in another week it will all be even more different!
Simply the bestI hope you’re all coping with the social distancing measures and getting what supplies you need to survive without too much of an issue. If you work for the NHS or other key services or in any of the shops and supermarkets that are doing their best to keep us all supplied, then thank you so much – the pic on the right is for YOU! Although the news and social media seem to want us to see everyone at their worst in a situation like this, I’ve been impressed with how kind people are being and how many want to help in whatever way they can. Even small businesses who are no doubt struggling at a time like this are donating time, services and expertise to help others and that is really heartwarming.

I’m not usually comfortable sharing about my private life, but then these are strange times so here goes…
Mother’s Day was a weird one! It was also my Dad’s 80th birthday this week so we had planned a family barbecue to celebrate both but that obviously couldn’t happen. Although I posted off their cards and gifts and got to chat to them on the phone it was strange not to see them. I didn’t get to see my own sons either, as they were staying with their dad at the time. I realise though that I’m still very lucky to have my Mum and Dad around, so am thankful for that at least.
I’m using some of the extra time I have now that I’m not commuting to London to get my new shop up and running, so it should be ready soon, though I’m a bit uncomfortable with launching and promoting it during a time like this, so may hold off for a while.

Regarding coping with my own self-isolation, I have an almost pathological fear of being on video (yes, I don’t feel at home in this world anymore) but missed my best friend so much that I actually Facetimed her – and it was great! I’ve also started doing a bit of watercolour painting, my hoover is exhausted as it hasn’t seen this much action in months, and I even began running again to make the most of the short time I can be outside each day… so there are some positives at the moment. How are you coping and what are you doing to stay sane?

Please stay safe and well as far as you are able to, don’t lose your cool over toilet paper and feel free to get in touch if the self-isolating is getting to you. You can email me or send me messages on Facebook or Instagram – I’d really love to hear from you!