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New online greeting card shop on its way!

Lou Longworth online greeting card shop

I’ve not posted for a while as I’ve been working on a new project – a greeting card shop to sell my designs from! I really enjoy selling on Etsy but have decided it’s time to build my own shop too.

I’ll still be selling on Etsy (and on Folksy as well) but also want to have a space that I have more control over in terms of how my greeting cards are presented and how I interact with my lovely customers. I’ll let you know when it will be launched soon, but here are some things you might like to know about it in the meantime…

Collections in my greeting card shop

The site will launch with my music themed greeting cards (which are not available anywhere else) as well as the custom cartoon portraits that I’m best known for.

After the site is launched I’ll be releasing new collections every few months. These will be totally new designs, some of which will be seasonal and some of which will be available all year round, but will revolve around a specific theme.

VIP Subscribers get great discounts

My VIP subscribers will be the first to hear when a new collection is launching and will also get BIG discounts when a collection is first released. If you’re not already a subscriber, then now is the time to sign up! It’s completely free, you’ll get a free cocktails printable when you join and of course you’ll get those terrific discounts each time a collection is released. And of course you’ll be the first to get all my news too 🙂

The shop will be on but it will be easy to browse back and forth between here and there, so you can still find it via (I’ll still be posting blog posts here – hopefully more regularly once the shop is up and running!)

Shopping made easy

You’ll be able to pay  securely with the usual cards and with Paypal. Of course if you’d still rather shop in my Etsy or Folksy shop you still can, but you’ll always get the best deals and latest designs first in my shop.

I’ll keep you posted but meantime remember to sign up as a VIP here to take advantage of my subscriber discounts when the shop launches!