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Finding a Drawing Style

I can usually recognise the artwork of my favourite artists and illustrators immediately – I guess similar to bands whose songs you can recognise even if you’ve never heard them before, each artist has a signature drawing style. It’s what makes them different from everyone else. What I’m interested in is how they developed this style in the first place.
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Can Anyone Learn to Draw?

Drawing of sketchbook, pencil and mugI often hear people say “Oh I can’t draw” or “I wish I could draw”. While I do believe that a few people have a greater amount of natural talent than is normal, I doubt very much that there is anyone who couldn’t learn to draw to a very competent level.

I think that the main difference between people who ‘can’ draw and those who say they can’t is whether they actually like drawing or not! Like any skill, drawing takes practice and if you don’t enjoy it you won’t spend enough time doing it to get good at it. Continue reading Can Anyone Learn to Draw?

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Why I love drawing

Whether it’s drawing stick figures or doing more complicated illustrations, the few times I seem to completely lose track of time are those when I’m busy with a pencil (or some type of drawing implement) in my hand. I even sometimes forget about lunch and anyone who knows me personally knows how much I love and constantly think about food! Continue reading Why I love drawing