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Cocktail illustrations

Cocktail Illustrations

These cocktail illustrations were inspired by a brilliant girly week away I had with some friends last week. I’m usually more of a wine girl, but it was so hot that the icy cocktails were really hitting the spot! We went to Lanzarote and, although it turns out it was just as hot in the UK, it was great to be able to enjoy the good weather with a pool, cocktails and no work to do 🙂Most evenings were spent sampling the cocktails at various bars and live music venues. My favourite was the espresso martini, but after having two of them late at night I was completely unable to go to sleep when we finally got ourselves off to bed. I decided to reserve those for afternoons only… Strawberry daiquiris became the staple cocktail but there was plenty of experimentation with others going on 🙂
Two observations about cocktails in Lanzarote:

  1. They make them incredibly strong! We’d all be watching in amazement as they just kept pouring the booze in… Ordinary spirit mixers were also lethal, with almost no space left for the mixer by the time they’d filled the glass up with the spirit. I assume it’s because alcohol isn’t taxed as much as in the UK so is much cheaper. Luckily the bars stayed open until ridiculous o’clock so we could dance it all off!
  2. They’re obviously not the least bit concerned about cutting down on plastic in Lanzarote cocktail bars. Each drink always seemed to have two or three straws in it, including extra long ones, as well as various other decorations. Only one cocktail bar out of the many we frequented used paper straws.

Anyway, when I got home I decided to hold on to the memories by drawing some of the various cocktails I’d come across. I’m quite pleased with the illustrations, especially after adding a bit of colour to them.

Cocktail illustrations in my Etsy shop

I’ve now turned these cocktail illustrations into prints and cards which are available in my Etsy shop. Click on the image if you’d like to check them out. They’re also available as printables: A4 Printable Wall Art and A5 Printable Card.

Cocktails card
A5 Cocktails Card
A4 Cocktails Print
A4 Cocktails Print