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Monotone Ink Drawings

Ink drawing of hiking boot

This week I’ve been working on some more monotone ink drawings using some of the new pens I got for Christmas. I have a list of objects that I’m working through to save me trying to come up with ideas and to just focus on the drawing. They’ve all been done from photos rather than live objects.
The first drawing I did was this one of a Freitag bag. It’s a very simple one and was easy to do in black and white as those were the colours of the bag! I did add a few highlights with a white pen to separate some sections out and to make the ‘Freitag’ text stand out a bit more.
Black and white ink drawing of Freitag bag
Next I drew this vape machine (is that what they’re called?) I liked the contrast between the smooth glass and metal and the textured body. I used some grey as well as black ink on this one.
Ink drawing of vape machine
This walking boot was next on my list. I hadn’t realised how many different materials there are on a boot! For this one I used black and grey ink again. My brush pens were useful for colouring the larger areas in – would’ve been a nightmare with a fine liner…
Monotone Ink Drawings - Walking Boot
Makes me want to get out hiking again…

I hope everyone isn’t bored of all my black and white drawings yet – I’ve still got quite a few objects left on my list to work through! If you’d like to see some of the previous monotone ink drawings take a look at the other posts on my blog or my Instagram account.