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Custom Illustrations

Drums Illustration

I sometimes do custom illustrations when someone wants something specific drawn for them so I thought I’d share some examples here on my blog.

The coasters in the photograph were ordered by a friend’s son as a bespoke Christmas present for his grandmother. He asked for snowflake, reindeer, candy cane and Christmas tree illustrations which I designed first on paper for approval and then burned onto the wooden coasters. He also wanted the wording ‘Christmas 2017’ on each one. I thought it was a very thoughtful present to come up with!

Christmas illustration coasters
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may already have seen these illustrations I did for Sincerity Personnel last year.
Sincerity Personnel custom illustrations

Sincerity Personnel custom illustrations

Sincerity Personnel custom illustration

Sincerity Personnel custom illustration

And these two pictures are part of a large collection I’m working on which will eventually form part of a T-shirt design for someone special. Again, those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram may already have seen the drum kit, but the turntable is brand new – done this morning!
Drums IllustrationTurntable Illustration
I really enjoy doing custom illustrations – for one thing it saves me having to come up with ideas on my own, and it also means I end up drawing things I’d probably never have thought of by myself… It’s especially fun when I’m drawing for someone I know, though a little nerve-wracking until I know that they’re happy with what I’ve done! Luckily so far everyone seems to have liked what I’ve done for them 🙂