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Sending Cards and Letters

keepsakes - cards and letters

Sending cards and letters seems to be making a bit of a comeback. There’s something really thrilling about getting a card or personal letter through snail mail. Much as we all love email and social media, they’re just not as special…

postbox for sending cards
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Everywhere you look there is advice on how to do a ‘digital detox’ or stop social media from taking over your day. It really has become too much of a good thing (and that’s now a bad thing! 😆) We’re starting to once again prefer physical correspondence over screen time and the art of letter writing and the popularity of greeting cards is growing once again.

Why we love getting & sending cards & letters

What is it about getting a card or letter that’s so exciting? I think part of it is that it is a physical thing that you can actually hold in your hand that proves that someone was thinking about you! You know that the sender deliberated over which card to send or what writing paper to use and then put the effort into writing a personal message to you (there’s no delete or undo button so more thought has to be put into what to say when hand writing something). And then they paid for postage and walked to a postbox to mail the card or letter to you. That’s a lot more effort than quickly typing a “You ok hun?” or pressing a like button!

Most of us have kept special cards or letters that we’ve received and we treat them like treasure. We put them in a special box for keepsakes or tuck them safely away in a drawer so that we can pull them out and enjoy them over and over in the future.

keepsakes - cards and letters
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Cards and letters are just a lot more persona. In an age where everything is so impersonal we need that. And of course since the pandemic started we are craving that personal connection even more than usual… And I wrote in my review of last year that we are once again starting to see the value of greeting cards as a result.

So I say “Yay!” to snail mail making a comeback! Let’s make the effort to remind our favourite people how special they are to us by sending cards and letters, and not just on special occasions either. I’m off to send my bestie a card right now! 😃