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Wildflower Drawings

Wildflower Drawings

These wildflower drawings were inspired by one of my walks along the canal near where I live.  The weather has been so gorgeous lately and the all the different wildflowers looked so pretty in the sunshine. I decided to pick some of my favourite ones and draw them when I got home.

When I got back I drew each of them in pencil then went over it with black ink in a variety of thicknesses. I loved looking really closely at the different wildflowers and their leaves to see how to draw them. It’s amazing how different the detail is on each plant! I overlapped them until I’d filled up most of the page, as I wanted to capture the way they’re all jumbled up and all over the place in nature. Here’s the original ink drawing scanned from my sketchbook…

Wild flowers sketch
I moved a few bits and pieces around and added some colour after I’d scanned it in. I also removed the text I’d added in as I didn’t know what any of the flowers on the left were called! Although I did try to do a bit of Google research I didn’t have much luck… If you know what any of them are feel free to message me 🙂 I also thought the flying dandelion seeds looked a bit naff so took those out too.

The final wildflower drawings

Here is the final product… I think it would make quite a pretty wall print or card 🙂
Wildflowers tall
What do you think?

I put the wildflowers into a vase with water as I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away when they were so lovely. Unfortunately though, by this morning most of them had wilted and looked a bit pathetic. I’ll keep enjoying the ones that are still lining the canal though for as long as they last 🙂

I’m off for another walk along there now!