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Gift wrapping ideas for Father's Day

fathers day gift wrapping shirt gift bag

So you’ve got the Father’s Day card and gift, but you need a way to present them nicely to your Dad… I love to wrap presents up in interesting, fun or just plain gorgeous ways. So I’ve been doing my research to find some clever gift wrapping ideas for Father’s Day. And I’m sharing them with you, you lucky duck!

I should also mention that I’m not a massive fan of buying big rolls of wrapping paper. It just seems so wasteful. I can be a bit tight sometimes but also, you know, the environment! So I love the idea of reusing old wrapping paper, gift bags and other bits I have lying around the house.

DIY gift bags

diy gift bag
Brown paper gift bag

Gift bags are so easy if you have something awkwardly shaped or a few bits and pieces to put together. And they can be reused by your Dad next time he gives a gift so he’ll be grateful for that too 😄

You can easily make your own gift bags from old (or new) wrapping paper, brown paper or even newspaper. And you can also make them exactly the right size. (Am I the only person who can never find a bag that’s not too wide or too tall for the present I’ve bought?!)

This tutorial shows you how to make a DIY gift bag (the examples are for Christmas but obviously apply to Father’s Day too. However I think the tartan is great for Dads at any time of year!) Here’s one I made on the left. I just used an ordinary hole punch, so you don’t need a rectangular punch as suggested.

fathers day gift wrapping bottle
My effort

Bottle wrapping ideas

If you’ve chosen a boozy gift for your Dad then this YouTube video on how to wrap a bottle might come in handy.
I must admit I didn’t like that you could still see what the bottle was inside, so I added a paper ‘cap’ to the top of the bottle to cover it. I used black tissue paper, brown paper for the cap and that same teal ribbon. Next time I’ll also use double sided tape instead of sellotape as I think it will look neater. My effort is on the right…

Clever decorative touches for your wrapping

A gift wrapped in plain white or brown paper or newspaper can be made to look extra special with a few clever decorative touches. I saw an idea on iStock where a gift was tied up with a tape measure bow which I thought was a terrific idea for a Dad who’s a DIY enthusiast.

You can also stick interesting bits and pieces straight onto the wrapping paper.

Here’s a tutorial for an origami shirt that you can fold yourself. I made mine from an A5 piece of plain white printer paper. I used some ribbon for the tie (yes, it’s that same teal ribbon again…) Of course, you could add a bow tie, pockets or buttons instead if you wanted to. Stick it onto a card, a wrapped present or a gift bag like I’ve done and it makes it that much cuter. You could also fold money or a printed Amazon voucher to make these types of paper gifts look more interesting!

More ideas

DIY Gift Wrapping Idea for Musicians by Curious Doodles
DIY Gift Wrapping Idea for Musicians by Curious Doodles

Here are some other gift wrapping ideas I found…

I hope you’ve found this helpful. My Dad tends to get the same types of gifts over and over (booze, chocolates, etc). He doesn’t really need anything else. So by putting in a bit of extra effort with the presentation, he knows I’ve still put some thought into it. That’s got to earn me some brownie points, right? 😁

If you try any of these gift wrapping ideas, or something new inspired by them, please share on social media and tag me. I’d really love to see how your efforts come out!