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Personalised Gift Ideas for Dads

With Father’s Day coming up on 20th June 2021, I thought you might appreciate some personalised gift ideas for Dads. Show him your appreciation for all the years he drove you around, paid your way and sorted out your problems for you by giving him a present that is made specially for him!

I’ve tried to include a wide range of prices to suit all budgets, whether you really want to splurge or things are a bit tight right now. Some of the ideas contain affiliate links – this means if you click and buy I’ll get a small commission. But it won’t cost you anything 😇

Original gift ideas for Dads

personalised gift ideas for dads - trifold leather wallet
Personalised leather trim-fold wallet

Treat your Dad to this personalised trim-fold leather wallet. It comes in a variety of colours, is made from buffalo leather and has RFID to stop his cards from being activated whilst in the wallet. You can also add a photo of you and your Dad in the photo sleeve if you like 😃

personalised mug with hip flask
Personalised Mug With Hip Flask

Or if your Dad likes a little tipple in his coffee, how about this coffee mug with a hip flask attached? It can be personalised with his initials on the strap.

Perhaps your Dad would appreciate a set of personalised BBQ tools.

personalised bbq tool set
Personalised BBQ tool set

Ideas for Dads who like to DIY

These DIY themed personalised gift ideas for Dads might be handy if he loves his tools 😁

personalised hammer
Personalised hammer
personalised spirit level
Spirit Level with photo and personalisation
Personalised gift ideas for Dads - tool set
Personalised Small Photo Tool Kit

Gift ideas for Dads with a sweet tooth

Does your Dad have a sweet tooth? If so, there are so many options to have sweet treats personalised too. Here are just a few examples with a variety of price points…

personalised gift ideas for dads - smash cake
Personalised Father’s Day Smash Cake
personalised chocolate hamper
Cadbury Chocolate Hamper with personalisation
personalised toblerone
Personalised Toblerone Gift Idea for Dad

I hope these have given you some good ideas to spoil your Dad with! Don’t forget to order a Father’s Day card too – click the image below to shop with free UK delivery.

Neat whisky fathers day card

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Tips for remembering birthdays

Being good at remembering birthdays is one of those things that some people are great at and others suck, but most of us are somewhere in between. I’m generally quite good but have had a couple of really serious gaffes where I’ve forgotten a friend’s important milestone birthday and these still haunt me! This post is to help both of us out – I never want to forget again, and I’m sure you’d love some tips on remembering birthdays too.

Make sure you KNOW the important birthdays

This is the obvious first step – if you don’t even know when someone’s birthday is, you’ve got absolutely no chance of remembering 😁

Make sure you have a record somewhere of all your friends and family and their birthdays and fill in the gaps. I went through a stage where I got used to Facebook reminding me about birthdays, so I stopped adding to my own list. This is how one of those gaffes I mentioned happened! I stopped using Facebook as much and missed a good friend’s 50th birthday as a result.

These days it’s probably easiest just to keep a record on your phone – because we pretty much have our phones with us all the time… As soon as someone mentions their birthday just take a few seconds to check whether it’s on your list and if not add it right there and then.

This will help you avoid another ‘learning the hard way’ experience I had (I’m telling you these things so you know I’m not judging you!) I asked someone when their birthday was, it turned out to be in a couple of week’s time, but I didn’t make a note. So although I knew their birthday was coming up but couldn’t remember the exact date and felt too embarrassed to ask again…Luckily we had another mutual friend who could fill me in but how bad would it have been if I’d not sent a card when I’d specifically asked for the date?!

Set reminders for remembering birthdays

It’s all very well having a list of birthdays, but you still need a reminder. Unless you fancy memorising them all, in which case here’s how to do it. For most of us though, reminders are definitely the way to go.

If you use a calendar then the easiest thing is to just add all the birthdays to this together with a notification. You can usually also make them recurring, so that you don’t have to add them in again every year.

This little reminder just popped up while I was writing this post!

For friends and family that I would send a card to or buy a gift for I always add a notification at least a week beforehand as well as on the day. For those I just want to remember to wish happy birthday to a reminder on the day or just before is fine.

If you don’t use a calendar then something like Remember the Milk is great for this. You just make a list of everyone’s birthday and say when/how you’d like to be notified about it. It will then send you an email or notify you on your desktop or the app. You can make these recurring too. It’s also useful for remembering other stuff like dentist appointments, booking MOTs, etc. There are also dedicated birthday reminder services and apps around so hunt around until you find one that suits you.

Non-digital reminders

Would you prefer a more paper based system? Perhaps you’re trying to move away from all the digital clutter that sucks you in. Perhaps you’re not as attached to your phone as most people. Or maybe you just get so many digital notifications and reminders that end up missing some of them….

In this case an actual paper calendar, planner or diary is just as useful. As long as you remember to check it regularly! Write all the birthdays in before the beginning of each year. Perhaps use a highlighter or stickers to make them stand out too.

You could also write all the birthdays on separate mini post-it notes. If you include the name and date then you can just move them across each year.

A lovely perpetual wall calendar from Not on the High Street that would be perfect for birthday reminders (this is an affiliate link)

Otherwise a perpetual calendar like the one above works well, and saves you the hassle of updating each year. You can also get desktop or printable versions, so choose the one that’s most likely to work for you. It only works if you actually see it, use it and pay attention to it regularly!

I read somewhere that in the Netherlands you’ll often see a list of birthdays opposite the toilet. It might seem a bit strange, but at least you know you’ll definitely see the list several times every single day 😆

Become the best at remembering birthdays

It’s worth the small amount of effort it takes to find and set up a system that works for you. Decide whether a digital or paper based system will suit you best and sort it out. Believe me, it’s so much nicer when you’re no longer living in fear of forgetting a birthday. We all like to feel special on our birthday and when someone remembers mine it always gives me the warm fuzzies 🥰

Giving or sending a card to show you’ve remembered someone’s birthday (and cared enough to do something about it) is one of the simplest ways to make someone feel special. So set those reminders now, shop for the perfect birthday card and spread the joy!

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A Valentine Card for Your Favourite Person

Mole and mole each day card

You don’t want to give your favourite person just any old valentine card… You love them because they’re completely unique and so the card you give them should be just as special! A card that shows that you get them, they get you and that there’s no one else in the world quite like them 😍

I’ve tried to create a range of Valentine cards to help you find the perfect card for your person. Here’s a selection to give you an idea, but you can check out the full range in my Etsy shop in the Love & Valentine Cards section.

Valentine cards for the obsessed

If your other half (and/or you) are obsessed with golf, tennis, running or cycling, then these cute cards from my Sportsy collection could be just the thing.

Golfer valentine card - I think you're tee-rrific

Cyclist Valentine Card - I wheely love you

Runners valentine card - your pace or mine


Tennis raquets card - perfect match valentine card

Or perhaps your obsession is music?

I love you yeah yeah yeah card


You're TNT music card


Cute and romantic valentine cards

If your thing is more cute and romantic, then perhaps you’ll find the perfect card below.

Mole and mole romantic card

Octopus favourite squeeze card

Light up my life hearts

A slightly irreverent valentine card

If you’re one of those couples who roll their eyes at anything too soppy, then I’ve got you covered too. Perhaps this is more your thing…

Hedgehog I Love You You Prick

A traditional valentine card

And if you like your cards more traditional, then you can’t get much more romantic than a red rose!

Rose valentine card

Galentine cards

And last but definitely not least, you can even find a fab Galentine card for your bestie. Galentine’s Day is usually celebrated on the 13th February and I love the idea! Friendship love is just as important (actually even more important) than romantic love, and it’s our best friends that see us through all the ups and downs of romance, whether we have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with or not.

Partners in lime galentine

I hope you’ve found the perfect Valentine card for that special person in your life, either here, in the rest of my range or even somewhere else. Either way I wish you a Valentine’s weekend full of all the good stuff: love, friendship, wine and chocolate 😘

If you’d like to stay in touch about new cards and products I’m adding to my range, sign up for my VIP newsletter – you’ll also get a great discount and a freebie or two.

become a vip now

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Custom illustration cartoon couple portrait

I’ve put together some Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make the 14th February extra special, because right now we all really need something to look forward to! Whether you’re looking for something fun to do with your bae, something to spice things up a bit, something sweet and romantic or even something for your gal pals, read on…

Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for couples

It seems unlikely we’ll be getting out on Valentine’s Day, so this Date Night in a Box is the perfect alternative. And much nicer than eating from an overpriced set menu anyway…

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Date night in a box gift idea
Date Night in a Box

Or if you’d like some inspiration that lasts the whole year, this Box of Date Night Cards might be just the thing.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - A Year of Dates in a Box
A Year of Dates

This sexy little coupon book will give them a whole lot of treats to look forward to well beyond Valentine’s Day. Or you can make your own diy coupons!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Sexy little coupon book
Sexy little coupon book

If they’re into baking or cooking then this personalised metal spatula is both practical and romantic 😍 You can find lots of personalised gift ideas for other interests too.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Personalised metal spatula
Personalised metal spatula

Or everyone wears socks, so why not get them a personalised pair to remind them you’re ‘sole’ mates every time they wear them?! 😁

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Personalised Sole Mates Photo Socks
Personalised Sole Mates Photo Socks

Galentine gift ideas

Of course buddies are just as important as baes, and these days February celebrations aren’t just for couples anymore. Etsy has a great range of cute ideas to let your bestie know how special she is this Galentine’s Day (usually celebrated on 13th February).
How about a Galentine’s wish bracelet? You can even customise the colour 😃

Galentine's Day Gift Idea - Customisable Galentine's Wish Bracelet
Customisable Galentine’s Wish Bracelet

Got quite a few Galentine’s gifts to send out? You can customise mini bottles of Prosecco or Champagne for your gal pals with these ‘Bubbles for my Babes’ labels. Too cute!

Galentine's Day Bubbles for my Babes Labels
Galentine’s Day Bubbles for my Babes Labels

I also create custom cartoon portraits which work equally well for best friends or couples – but get your order in quickly as I can only create a finite number of these in time for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Couple cartoon portrait
Couple cartoon portrait

I hope these Valentine’s Day gift ideas help make your February as special as possible. Love will keep us going through all the crap that life has to offer, so it’s worth celebrating!

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Homemade Gift Voucher Ideas

homemade gift voucher

Creating a homemade gift voucher or DIY coupon booklet can be a great gift solution. They’re original, can be low cost and you don’t need to wait for delivery. Need some inspiration? Read on, I’ve got  you covered…

homemade gift voucher

Reasons to give a DIY gift voucher

Giving a homemade gift voucher or coupons solves a lot of different problems. Whether you:

  • can’t get to the shops;
  • left it too late to get a gift delivered;
  • are a bit strapped for cash;
  • can’t think of anything the recipient needs;
  • want to give a gift (like an experience) that can’t be wrapped;
  • want to offer flexibility to the recipient; or
  • want to give a gift that is a bit different and much more personal

making your own gift vouchers ticks all the boxes!

Ideas for homemade gift vouchers

You can either give a voucher for something that will cost money later on, or offer coupons for a gift that makes use of your time, effort and/or talents!
Here are some ideas:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Trip to theatre or cinema to see the show of their choice
  • A romantic dinner for two
  • A back rub or massage
  • Wash the dishes for a week
  • Car wash and valet
  • A tank full of petrol
  • A night of babysitting
  • A new outfit
  • Sexy treats (for your other half only!)
  • A ‘taxi service’ to and from a destination of their choice (great for teenagers)
  • Mow their lawn
  • A home cooked meal delivered to their door
  • Daily dog walking for a week or a month
  • A bubble bath with candles, champagne/hot chocolate and no interruptions!

Hopefully these will inspire you to come up with some of your own ideas too. You can come up with homemade gift voucher ideas for pretty much anybody, from children to grandparents and everyone in between. As long as it’s something they actually want, you can’t really go wrong!


There are several different ways to present your voucher or coupons. You could use a greeting card with the gift written inside, print out a gift voucher or certificate or create a booklet of coupons. If you’re not very crafty or don’t much like making or designing things there are plenty of gift voucher templates online you can use. You could also just buy a small notebook and write a variety of different coupon ideas on each page inside. With homemade gift vouchers it’s very much the thought that counts, so don’t worry too much if your presentation is a bit lacking 😁
If you come up with any great ideas and post them on Instagram or Facebook, tag me (@loulongworth) so I can be inspired too!