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Greeting Card Design Refresh

Coming soon - greeting card design refresh

I have some news! I started my greeting cards business quite a few years ago, and my style has evolved quite a lot since then. So I’m currently in the middle of a greeting card design refresh. I’ll be keeping the silliness, the punny sentiments and the themes, but I wanted to curate the range and make sure the illustration style is more consistent throughout.

I’ve redrawn the illustrations for my most popular designs which has been both fun and time consuming. It’s been a while since I’ve just been caught up drawing for hours day after day – and it’s been very good for me. I hope it’s going to be good for you too! You might have noticed some of the new illustrations on a few of my Mother’s Day cards, but even if you missed those you’ll soon get to see the full range.

I’m now sorting out all the imagery. Once that’s done I’ll add everything to the website and to my wholesale catalogue. The lovely Emily Dawe has taken some gorgeous photographs for me so it’s all very exciting 🤩

I’m also doing a mini brand refresh at the same time, including my logo. So you might start to notice a few small changes over the next while…

Don’t miss it

If you’d like to be among the first to know when I launch the new greeting card designs, you can sign up here. I’ll make sure you don’t miss out and my subscribers always get the very best launch offers too 😇

Once the greeting card design refresh has been launched, I’ll obviously be retiring the older versions. I do still have some pre-printed stock though. I’ll be discounting these cards over the next while, perhaps even giving some away… So keep an eye on my Instagram and you might get lucky! All my current designs are still for sale until the launch, and will be printed on demand.