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Music themed cards

Anyone who knows me knows that music is my thing! I LOVE music – and love going to gigs and festivals. So of course I’ve combined two of my favourite things – music and drawing – to create music themed cards with stick figure versions of all sorts of singers, musicians and bands.

I’ve drawn from a range of different music genres, from heavy metal to R&B and pop. I love so much different music and I’ve learned that every time I say that I love all music except a specific genre, I’ll soon come across a song from that genre that makes me a big fibber! Yes, even country music…

And I also think music is very personal. Some of the songs I’ve loved the longest and hardest may not be the most amazing or cool or groundbreaking ones, but they’ve got brilliant associations for me and I love them for the memories they bring back.


So I’ve not been snobby in my choice of artists to draw for my music themed cards – there’s a bit of all sorts. Hopefully there’s something for most music lovers! Of course if you think I’ve made a massive omission and you have a brilliant idea for a new music themed card I absolutely MUST draw, then you should definitely get in touch immediately and let me know 😃

My full range of music themed cards are now exclusively available in my online shop, unless you see me in person… Check them out now!