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Driving test card – You passed!

Driving test card

I’ve added a new driving test card to my Etsy items. A lovely customer of mine, who I’ve done some custom portrait cards for before, recently asked me whether I had any cards suitable for someone who had just passed their driving test. I didn’t, but thought it would be a great addition to my range, so this is what I came up with…

The idea of tossing the L-plate away, which I love, came from my customer 🙂

The stick figure’s head can be customised to look like the recipient (from a photo), their name will be added after “Congratulations”, and the car colour can also be changed to order.

Here are some other examples to show how the card can be customised.

Driving test card - girl with blue car
Driving test card - guy with yellow car

If you know anyone who has just passed their driving test, or is (hopefully) about to, you can order this card from my Etsy shop – click on any of the images above to go straight there.

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