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Online Card Shop – News!

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I launched my own online card shop in April last year. Before that I’d been selling my cards on Etsy, but wanted my own space as well. The shop has been great, but I really wanted to have everything in one place, so am now in the process of moving my shop. Soon it’ll be right here on together with my blog – woohoo!

Why am I moving my online card shop?

The main reason is so that if you’re here on my blog it’s much easier to stay and shop the cards in the same place you read about them! I think it was a little confusing for visitors when they clicked on my ‘Shop’ link and ended up on a completely different website.

It also means less jumping around for me as I’ll be able to manage everything in one place. Hopefully this will translate to more time to work on creating terrific new card designs!

I’m also hoping that it will encourage Google to send more people to my shop, as I’ve already built up a bit of trust and traffic with my blog.

What will change?

The new shop will look a little bit different, but still be recognisable with my same branding. I’m working closely with a terrific developer to create a home page that makes it easy to get where you want to go. It’ll be one click to get to the shop, the blog, my Instagram or to get in touch with me. It’ll also be easy to see at a glance what’s new in each space, as there will be feeds to show the latest blog and Instagram posts as well as a space for me to highlight my latest greeting card collections.

I’ll be using Stripe to process payments, so you’ll know that your payment info is secure when checking out. Overall the website and shop should be quicker and easier to use than it is currently, so I hope you’ll love it!

A special offer for you

If you get in touch with me before I relaunch, you can get a free card with your first purchase in the new online shop! All I ask is that you give me some feedback on how you found the new checkout process, so I can make sure it’s as user friendly as possible. Fancy that? If so, just use the contact form or click here to email me directly and let me know.

You can also sign up as one of my VIP subscribers to make sure you always get the best offers available going forward too!

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