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New Autumn Collection Prints and Cards

I’ve just been adding a whole lot of new cards and prints from my Autumn collection to my Etsy shop. Hopefully I’ve covered a range of what you might want to buy, whether you’re after a slightly cheesy birthday card, an encouraging card for a friend, something a bit soppy or just a pretty gift for someone! Visit my Etsy Shop now or read on…
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Autumn in watercolour

Autumn Leaves Falling

Autumn has always been my favourite season – I don’t particularly like being hot (unless I’m on a beach) so the drop in temperature suits me, and it’s sooooo beautiful when the trees start changing colour.

I decided to have a go at capturing some of the Autumn colours with watercolour pencils as my black and white drawings can’t do the season justice. It made a nice change to be working with colour 🙂
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