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Learning to Run a More Sustainable Card Business

sustainable card packaging

I’ve been thinking a lot about learning to run a more sustainable card business. There’s so much waste in the world and as far as is practical I’d prefer not to be adding to it with my greeting cards! I’m still figuring it all out, and nowhere near there yet, but I wanted to share some of the ways I’m trying to produce less waste and make what waste I do produce reusable or recyclable.

Going plastic free

Cello bags

When I first started selling my cards my very first Etsy customer mentioned to me that she thought my presentation was unprofessional and that I should be using cello bags rather than wrapping the cards in tissue paper. Being the terrible people pleaser that I am, I was horrified and immediately went out and bought a pack of cellophane bags to put my cards in. It didn’t sit well with me though as I knew those bits of plastic would just end up in landfill.

I investigated buying compostable cello bags, but these didn’t seem like an ideal solution either. I knew that the majority still wouldn’t end up being composted! Either through lack of composting facilities, ignorance or apathy, they would still end up in landfill taking ages to decompose. And they were a lot more expensive to buy. I considered returning to my original tissue paper wrapping idea but then realised that I really didn’t need to do anything at all…

The solution?

My cards are all supplied with an envelope, so I decided that the best solution was to simply put the card inside the envelope before placing it in the shipping envelope. It seems so obvious now, but for some reason I hadn’t thought of it before. The card is protected by the envelope, the envelope is safe inside the shipping envelope, so anything more was superfluous! I’ve noticed that even in some shops the cards are bare now too, which makes me very happy. I’ve now made over 800 sales on Etsy alone and never had a single complaint about my cards arriving damaged or marked in any way.

A card within an envelope within a shipping envelope
A card within an envelope within a shipping envelope

I still have the majority of those original cello bags I bought (even though there weren’t very many). By the time I’d started to sell a reasonable number of cards I’d already shifted away from using them.

My shipping envelopes are also made from paper, with no plastic windows or padding. I’ve also recently found some really cute blue recycled cardboard boxes that I can sell packs of cards in. I want to start offering multi-packs!

Sustainable card stock

My cards are all printed on plain 350gsm card stock without any glitter or glossy coatings that prevent them from being recyclable. They’re lovely and sturdy but completely recyclable. I also feel strongly about purchasing my card stock from an FSC certified supplier. The FSC helps take care of forests as well as the people and wildlife living in them, so that way I know that the card I buy comes from well-managed and sustainable forests. You can find out more about the FSC here. I get my shipping envelopes from the same FSC certified supplier.

Sustainable card business - orders ready to post
Ready to post

The kraft envelopes I’m currently using are recyclable but aren’t FSC certified. I’m not sure whether the paper used to make them is sustainably sourced or not. I’m planning to switch to recycled kraft cards when I next need to order more in (I have about 540 in stock!) Ultimately I’d like all the various materials I use to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Next steps: Running my card business sustainably

I’ve just recently started thinking about how to run my business in a more eco-friendly way in general. I work from home, so no transport is required luckily! I know that there are lots of things in my business that could be changed to be more conscious of the environment though. For example practices I engage in and suppliers I use for things other than materials. I think there’s quite a bit of research ahead of me!

Let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts that could help me run a more sustainable card business. You can get hold of me via my contact form, email me directly at contactme @ or DM me on Instagram. I know I’m nowhere near perfect in this regard, so happy to get all the help I can!


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A Valentine Card for Your Favourite Person

Mole and mole each day card

You don’t want to give your favourite person just any old valentine card… You love them because they’re completely unique and so the card you give them should be just as special! A card that shows that you get them, they get you and that there’s no one else in the world quite like them 😍

I’ve tried to create a range of Valentine cards to help you find the perfect card for your person. Here’s a selection to give you an idea, but you can check out the full range in my Etsy shop in the Love & Valentine Cards section.

Valentine cards for the obsessed

If your other half (and/or you) are obsessed with golf, tennis, running or cycling, then these cute cards from my Sportsy collection could be just the thing.

Golfer valentine card - I think you're tee-rrific

Cyclist Valentine Card - I wheely love you

Runners valentine card - your pace or mine


Tennis raquets card - perfect match valentine card

Or perhaps your obsession is music?

I love you yeah yeah yeah card


You're TNT music card


Cute and romantic valentine cards

If your thing is more cute and romantic, then perhaps you’ll find the perfect card below.

Mole and mole romantic card

Octopus favourite squeeze card

Light up my life hearts

A slightly irreverent valentine card

If you’re one of those couples who roll their eyes at anything too soppy, then I’ve got you covered too. Perhaps this is more your thing…

Hedgehog I Love You You Prick

A traditional valentine card

And if you like your cards more traditional, then you can’t get much more romantic than a red rose!

Rose valentine card

Galentine cards

And last but definitely not least, you can even find a fab Galentine card for your bestie. Galentine’s Day is usually celebrated on the 13th February and I love the idea! Friendship love is just as important (actually even more important) than romantic love, and it’s our best friends that see us through all the ups and downs of romance, whether we have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with or not.

Partners in lime galentine

I hope you’ve found the perfect Valentine card for that special person in your life, either here, in the rest of my range or even somewhere else. Either way I wish you a Valentine’s weekend full of all the good stuff: love, friendship, wine and chocolate 😘

If you’d like to stay in touch about new cards and products I’m adding to my range, sign up for my VIP newsletter – you’ll also get a great discount and a freebie or two.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Custom illustration cartoon couple portrait

I’ve put together some Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make the 14th February extra special, because right now we all really need something to look forward to! Whether you’re looking for something fun to do with your bae, something to spice things up a bit, something sweet and romantic or even something for your gal pals, read on…

Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for couples

It seems unlikely we’ll be getting out on Valentine’s Day, so this Date Night in a Box is the perfect alternative. And much nicer than eating from an overpriced set menu anyway…

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Date night in a box gift idea
Date Night in a Box

Or if you’d like some inspiration that lasts the whole year, this Box of Date Night Cards might be just the thing.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - A Year of Dates in a Box
A Year of Dates

This sexy little coupon book will give them a whole lot of treats to look forward to well beyond Valentine’s Day. Or you can make your own diy coupons!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Sexy little coupon book
Sexy little coupon book

If they’re into baking or cooking then this personalised metal spatula is both practical and romantic 😍 You can find lots of personalised gift ideas for other interests too.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Personalised metal spatula
Personalised metal spatula

Or everyone wears socks, so why not get them a personalised pair to remind them you’re ‘sole’ mates every time they wear them?! 😁

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Personalised Sole Mates Photo Socks
Personalised Sole Mates Photo Socks

Galentine gift ideas

Of course buddies are just as important as baes, and these days February celebrations aren’t just for couples anymore. Etsy has a great range of cute ideas to let your bestie know how special she is this Galentine’s Day (usually celebrated on 13th February).
How about a Galentine’s wish bracelet? You can even customise the colour πŸ˜ƒ

Galentine's Day Gift Idea - Customisable Galentine's Wish Bracelet
Customisable Galentine’s Wish Bracelet

Got quite a few Galentine’s gifts to send out? You can customise mini bottles of Prosecco or Champagne for your gal pals with these ‘Bubbles for my Babes’ labels. Too cute!

Galentine's Day Bubbles for my Babes Labels
Galentine’s Day Bubbles for my Babes Labels

I also create custom cartoon portraits which work equally well for best friends or couples – but get your order in quickly as I can only create a finite number of these in time for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Couple cartoon portrait
Couple cartoon portrait

I hope these Valentine’s Day gift ideas help make your February as special as possible. Love will keep us going through all the crap that life has to offer, so it’s worth celebrating!

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5 a Day Greeting Card Collection

I’m happy to announce that my new 5 a Day greeting card collection is now available. 2020 wasn’t the best year and 2021 isn’t off to a great start either, so I figured we all need a bit of cheering up and that’s what this collection is all about. It’s full of silly puns and the easiest way ever to get your five a day. After all, we’ve got enough to deal with without worrying about new year’s resolutions πŸ˜†

Happea Valentine card

Greeting cards to make you smile

We all need a boost right now, and my hope is that these fruit and vegetable themed cards will do just that. I’ve collected loads of daft puns, drawn all sorts of cute and silly fruits and veggies to illustrate them and created a range of greeting cards to make you smile. And when you give them to someone else, they’ll smile too. And we can all be happy bunnies for at least some of the time in these crazy times!


The 5 a Day collection covers a range of occasions, including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day as well as the usual birthday, anniversary and other occasion cards. And of course there are some that can be sent just because you want to say thanks, or tell someone you miss them.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the cards, but you can see the full range in my shop, and I’ve been gradually adding them to my Etsy store too.

One in a melon mom - mothers day card
Holy Shiitake birthday card
Bean missing you card

Get 5 of the 5 a Day greeting card collection and save

Perhaps you can’t decide which one you like best. Or you’re the organised type who likes to have a stock available so you can give a greeting card at a moment’s notice. If so, you can save with my bundle deals. Buy three or five A6 cards at once and you’ll pay less.

My VIP subscribers also get special deals every time I launch a new collection. This time they’re getting an extra card when they buy 5 in the bundle deal, as well as a 15% discount. You can still get this deal if you sign up and purchase by Sunday 10th January 2021.

become a vip now

(If you’re too late, it’s still worth signing up as you’ll still get the discount on all future purchases and special deals on all future collections. I treat my VIPs very well! You’ll also get a monthly newsletter with the latest news and a roundup of recent blog posts.)

I hope you love this collection as much as I’ve loved creating it! I’d love to hear what you think so feel free to get in touch on InstagramΒ or by email.


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Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas

Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas

These handcrafted Christmas gift ideas will get you mega brownie points this year (and of course show your favourite people how terrific you think they are!) As well as supporting small businesses, buying handcrafted or artisan gifts shows you’ve put a bit of thought into what you get someone, and they’re unlikely to get the same prezzy from anyone else. Continue reading Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas