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Christmas Wreath Illustrations

Christmas Wreath Illustrations

This week I’ve been working on some Christmas wreath illustrations – I know it’s only November but apparently other people are already looking for these things so I’ve got to be prepared in advance…
I started with a holly wreath, adding a few extra corner embellishments then did a pine wreath afterwards together with some pine cones – I can’t decide which one I like more. I also drew two types of ribbons separately as they can then be used interchangeably with each of the wreaths.

These are the original drawings of each wreath:
Christmas Wreath Illustrations - Holly Christmas Wreath Illustrations - Pine

And these are the two styles of ribbon:
Wreaths ribbons
Here are examples of the wreaths with ribbons added on:
Pine wreath with ribbon
Holly wreath with ribbon
As well as some ink for outlines, I used my trusty watercolour pencils again for these designs. After scanning the pencil designs in I experimented with adding water for a softer effect. There’s not a huge amount of difference but in the end I think I prefer the pencil drawings, so I’m glad I scanned them in before turning them into watercolour!

I can now use these designs on festive cards, planners or whatever so hopefully they’ll be useful…