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More Wood Burning Illustrations

bread board with thistle design

A while back I wrote a blog about my new pyrography kit and some of the wood burning illustrations I was doing with it. Well I got it out again and started doing some more experimenting with it.
This time I was brave enough to try some new types of pyrography blanks. The first is a breadboard (the biggest piece of wood I’ve burned to date) which I burned a Scottish thistle onto. It took a long time to get the detail but wasn’t difficult.

Next I tried a pair of egg cups. These were a little bit awkward to do as they are so tiny and also have a curved surface – I had to hold them in my hand while burning the design and was a bit worried the pen would slip and burn my hand instead! Luckily I survived unscathed though and I’m quite pleased with the results.

wood burning mr and mrs design on egg cups
What do you think?

I also had a go at burning some slightly cheeky messages on a wooden spoon and a turner…

Pyrography spoon
Again the spoon’s curved surface made it a little more difficult but I had had some practice previously as you’ll know if you read my last ‘Playing with Fire‘ blog post – I quite enjoyed doing the lettering. I realised too late though that I’d done them different ways around (one with the text to be read with the hole at the top and one with the text to be read with the hole at the bottom), so I’ll need to do two more in order to create matching pairs! Luckily that’s an easy fix next time I get my pyrography kit out 🙂

If you’re interested in acquiring any of the above for yourself, the breadboard and egg cups are already in my Etsy shop and I’ll add the spoons and turners once I’ve created their matched partners…