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Gift Doodles

Gift doodles

Today I decided I needed to have a bit of fun drawing – nothing technical or difficult, just a bit of doodling! These gift doodles are the result.

The fun part was playing around with the different patterns on each gift – I did try loads more but these were the ones I liked the most. It was great to just try stuff though without worrying about whether it would work or not.Gift doodlesI’ve also been playing around with vectors more lately and so decided to create a gift planner with these doodles to practice vectorising my drawings. My budget doesn’t quite stretch to my own versions of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at the moment (it’s £49.99 a month for both!) so I’ve been using Gimp and Inkscape. These are both open source software which is great, but I’ve found them a bit more effort than the Adobe versions and I’m still learning how to  do some of the things that I know they must be capable of.

Here’s the gift planner I made using some of my gift doodles:

gifts planner with gift doodles

I sometimes find it hard to keep track of who I still need to buy for without a list and this is much nicer than the scrappy bits of paper I usually use (and quite often lose!). If you want to download your own copy of the Gift Planner you can do that by clicking here: Get your Gift Planner – be quick though as it won’t be available for download indefinitely.