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Mother's Day cards and gifts

Custom family portrait for Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day coming up at the end of the month (it’s on the 31st March this year), I thought I’d let you know about some of the cards and gifts I have available for mums. I feel very luck to have a mother who is also a good friend and while I know not everyone is fortunate enough to still have their mum with them, I’m very grateful that I do.

Custom Family Portraits

My stick figure custom portraits are probably my most popular items and they are so much fun to do. I love taking the photos my customer sends and turning it into a stick figure that resembles them 🙂

The custom family portraits are great for Mother’s Day, as what Mum wouldn’t like a personalised gift that represents her family?

Custom family portrait for Mother's Day gift idea

Above is an example of a family portrait I’ve done previously. Each portrait is created from photos that are sent to me and even pets are sometimes included, as most people consider them part of the family!

I offer two different sizes as standard, A5 and A4, but have also done larger sized family portraits on request.

Click here to see my A4 Custom Family Portraits

Click here to see my A5 Custom Family Portraits on Etsy.

Personalised Mother’s Day Card

Also one of my stick figure portrait offerings, this one is a personalised Mother’s Day card that features a portrait of your own mum on the front. Again this is created from photos that you send and you can also change the text on the front if you like.

Below are some examples – as you can see they work as birthday cards too if you change the text 🙂

Click here to see my Custom Mother’s Day Cards on Etsy.

Other Mother’s Day Cards

I also have other cards suitable for Mother’s Day in my Etsy shop – in a variety of styles to suit different sorts of mums.

For more Mother’s Day gift ideas, Etsy is a great place to shop and you’ll find things that aren’t available anywhere else. Click on the image below* to take a look and see what you can find for your mum this Mother’s day.

*This is an affiliate link, which means I’ll get a small commission if you buy something from Etsy after clicking on it, but it won’t cost you anything 🙂